Why Herbalism?

Herbs strengthen the inherent ability of the body to heal itself, often by encouraging flow within the body. Herbs are not a replacement for pharmaceuticals–they neither suppress nor merely soothe symptoms. Instead, herbs gently remind the body how to resume proper function, eventually without herbal supplementation.

In her herbal practice, Lise seeks to address the health of the whole person, rather than targeting a specific disease. She understands that the body normally restores itself to balance, but can occasionally become stuck. Lise works from a paradigm that leads her to search out the points at which the body's flow has become impaired, giving rise to a variety of symptoms.

To learn more, follow the link below to Lise's article, "Catching Your Flow with Herbs". 

Catching Your Flow with Herbs
“What originally brought me to see Lise was a deep-seated anxiety that I had been living with for years. After just a few days of treatment, the anxiety had loosened its grip and I could manage a flight overseas–something that would have caused me panic attacks. I'm now without the plague of worries that used to keep me up at night and distracted during the day, without the side effects (and expense) of pharmaceuticals. Lise's practice has also proved to be an excellent compliment to Western medicine. Herbal therapy helped me shrink a lump on my toe – a benign "giant-celled tumor" – to half its original size. A smaller lump meant a smooth, easy surgery and recovery. Lise's knowledge of plants is so deep, and her practice so open and straightforward, that she makes healing into the simple, natural process it is.”