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Meet Famous Plants Everywhere You Walk

Follow the affiliate link for a free preview of the plant series, which is hosted on Matt Wood's Institute of Herbalism Website.


$30.00 monthly for the series.

Full access to plant walks that began in April and cycles through a full year, which you can have full access at any time, by joining now.

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Starting in April, when plants are just starting to pop out of the ground, Lise began recording a series of plant walks, originally linked to her 3 Seasons program. Now it is just an independent, year long series, of great plant walks, still being recording into March. She has decided to keep Three Seasons as a unique, in-person class. More info about that is near the bottom of this page. The plant walks are stand alone lessons, although they do build on each other, as well. They are the quality of plant walks you might get during during a 3 seasons class. They should, over time, help you to recognize and eventually understand some uses of the plants we see, both by signature and qualities discussed within the videos, that become more apparent as the plants develop and grow into themselves. Make sure to watch the walks on as large a screen as possible. It really helps to see the details of the plants for identification purposes.

Lise did not grow up learning or even paying attention to plants. Her first few plant walks in New York City completely changed the way she looked at the world. Turns out everywhere we walk; the cracks in the sidewalk, the boulevards, the grassy fields, and the wooded areas are all filled with food and medicine. She hopes plant walks change the way you see your world, too. She made sure some of the free previews would alert you to very common plants likely living close to you.

Online Course: Winter Health Using Preventative Folk Medicine

Around the world, for thousands of years before Echinacea was used ad nauseam, many easily available herbs, foods and lifestyle habits encouraged people to stay robust and strong throughout the winter months.Did you know that ejecting phlegm out of your orifices is actually a healthy immune response? Come ready to have your assumptions about weak and strong immune systems turned upside down! This class will cover many of the easily available folk remedies, foods and herbs to keep you healthy throughout winter. The world (and likely your current kitchen) is already filled with simple but powerful helpers.

Note: the link to the Winter Health class is an affiliate link,
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Price: $25 for the 2 hour online course

Online Course: Materia Medica

Lise taught one night of Materia Medica with Matthew Wood

Recorded in June 2020
You can watch the recorded class anytime.

Note: the link to the Materia Medica class is an affiliate link,
which means Lise Wolff will get a portion of the sale if you follow this link to register for the class.

Online Course: Tongue Assessment

Lise Wolff and Matt Wood co-teach this online course.
PRICE: $300

Lise Wolff & Matt Wood teach a fun and informative 21 hour (3 days!) workshop about tongue assessment. Use the link on this page to get more information and to register for the class. While you're there, check out the many free classes related to diagnosis and other topics on Matt Wood's website.

Note: the link to the Tongue Assessment class is an affiliate link, which means Lise Wolff will get a portion of the sale if you follow this link to register for the class.

About Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom - in person version

Next Three Seasons course offered in 2021

Because of the current uncertainty about group meetings in person, the live, face-to-face version of Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom will pause until spring of 2021. Until that time, I have been recording the plant walks that you might get during a 3 Season class, to watch online. March of 2021 we will have the full cycle of plant walks recorded online. The in-person version (which I would hope will be safe to offer for spring 2021) will still be the best option if you live close enough to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I hold the classes, because through the year we directly collect quite a few of those plants, which leaves you with a full pharmacy by the end of class. You will also get to sit in on 15 hours of consultations as my apprentice, thus getting a very thorough picture of plants in practice, pulse testing, etc. And, of course, being in class itself, you will be able to ask questions and discuss the material in real time, as you use the plants and develop experience. The online students will also have the opportunity to ask questions, talk to me, etc, but as the song says 'Ain't nothing like the real thing'.

"I have devoted my adult life to the study & practice of professional health care. I have studied with quite a few herbalists and doctors who use herbal medicine; Lise Wolff is the finest herb teacher I have had. Taking Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons Herb Class is something I wish I had done as a young man before acquiring any nursing, naturopathic medicine and oriental medicine degree for what Lise Wolff conveys in her herb course is accessible, foundational, practical. Knowing the local plants’ distinct qualities, habitat, properties, personalities as neighbors, medicines, legends, Lise Wolff presents information in three dimensions to students. She introduces the possibility to novice lay people and health care professional alike of reading a person’s condition and introducing the specific, appropriate local plant medicine to heal disease. Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons Herb Class will introduce and equip any student to be a real herbalist."

"'There is no greater service a man can render to his country than to introduce a useful plant into its culture.' Thomas Jefferson

"The same holds true for most any individual student who would take this introduction to herbal medicine."

"I consider Lise's 3 Seasons Class to be the catalyst that helped me to identify and nurture what has become my life's passion: helping others through herbal medicine. I took several of Lise's one-time classes, became intrigued with herbs, and decided to take the plunge and invest my time and money into her 3 Seasons Class. Best. Investment. Ever.

"The 3 Season classes include people with many levels of experience and knowledge - I was definitely one of the beginner level students and wondered what I had gotten myself into! However, Lise is a master teacher and so good at explaining details and making sure everyone understands and feels included in class discussion and activity.

"Along with Lise's expertise and instruction in class, I learned so much from sitting in on "live" consultations with Lise and her clients, getting hands on experience with how to conduct a consult and invaluable tips on determining which herbs and preparations might give support in each situation.

"The time commitment of the class lends itself to developing friendships which continue long after the class is over. I so enjoy seeing several herbalist friends from my 3 Seasons Class at events or meeting over a cup of tea - hopefully herbal! The greatest longterm benefit, however, has been Lise's ongoing support whenever I have questions or a new discovery to share. Priceless."

"I took 3 Seasons of Herbal Wisdom over ten years ago and have such fond memories of it. Foraging for wild plants, tasting the medicines and having lectures outside in the elements was such a relief from conventional education. Lise Wolff so generously transmits her passion and practical knowledge for the local flora with a mix of historical and contemporary data, personal clinical experience and hands-on practice with students. The wealth of teachings from this class became the foundation for my dream of becoming a professional herbalist. I now run a busy practice and feel so grateful! More importantly, a very intimate relationship developed with the land and its common weeds, this little know rich world of curiosity growing in our own backyards. It is amazing how you become useful to friends, family and your community after one year hanging out with Lise, whose teachings have impacted thousands by now and likely saved millions in healthcare costs! Agrimony, solomon seal, blue vervain...what a precious time I spent that year..."
“Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom has been one of the best investments I have ever made and I would highly recommend it. I had very little knowledge of herbs and plants going into the program. After searching many options that included correspondence classes, I knew that Lise’s offering was for me. Lise’s style is alive and hands on. She brilliantly brings together her years of clinical experience, information from clinical studies, herbal history, contact with plants in the environment, and hands on medicine making. In addition, the clinical hours offered through the apprenticeship was invaluable. Lise is able to take complex information and present it in a manner that can be easily applied. She challenges her students to think deeply and make connections with the plants in their environment. By the end of the program, I had 60+ tinctures plus salves and had more than enough herbal inventory to get my practice going. It brings me joy to be able to share this knowledge and wisdom with confidence to family, friends, clients, and beyond. Life changing.”