& Flower Essence Practitioner
Lise Wolff


The human body is in constant process of rebalancing itself. Sometimes the body is stressed beyond its capacity to restore itself to balance, manifesting in physical and emotional ailments. Effective herbalism facilitates the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Herbalism has many life-enhancing benefits including:

Mental clarity, restful sleep, better digestion, greater problem-solving ability, resistance to infection, and increased energy. 

“After a decade of poor health and having its many pleas for help either dismissed as "normal" or smothered with astounding doses of antibiotics, finding Lise was a blessing. For what MDs had suggested buckets of pills and surgery, Lise offered a safe, gentle and natural treatment that targeted the cause rather than the symptoms. My mile long list of maladies quickly disappeared and, in time, I noticed myself becoming not only much healthier but much happier. Moral of this story is: in the right hands, herbs in microscopic quantities can make all the difference in the world.”