Herbal Medicine Classes

Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk
Monday, May 14th 2018
- 6:30pm to 8pm
Get the best herbal education ever! Meet the plants themselves. Come stroll and explore the history, healing powers, and abundance of local plants that surround you, often mistaken for simple weeds. $20

Herbal First Aid
Wednesday night, June 13th or June 25th 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Taking care of yourself, your family and friends can be simple. Learn about four miraculous but common plants that cover many first aid situations. The basic precepts of herbal medicine will also be covered. $25

The Saint John's Wort Class
Sunday, June 24th 2018 - 10am to 3pm
Begin with an in-depth exploration about this both literally and figuratively magical plant on its most powerful day; St John’s Day. Then we will travel to a hidden location in the Twin Cities to gather this flower for both oil and tincture for students to take home $50

Making Herbal Medicine
Monday, July 16th 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
This class will cover the gathering and preparation of herbal medicinals. Includes hands-on tincture making. Oil and ointment making will be demonstrated. Participants will take home a tincture that they have prepared. $25

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2018 Minnesota Herbal Educational Festival

When:  Sunday, September 16th 2018

Where: Prairie Oaks Institute in Belle Plaine, Minnesota

Registration is open and there is an early registration discount through July 16th, 2018. 
Register at minnesotaherbalist.com or click on image below



Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom 2019

This program is full of hands-on herbal experience with real, live plants. We meet every two to three weeks, on Saturdays, throughout the growing and gathering season, designed to provide a solid foundation for developing your knowledge and competence as an herbalist, whether you plan to become a practicing herbalist, or simply desire to be better able to care for yourself and those around you. Consequently, this program is suitable for people with almost no prior plant knowledge to folks who have studied quite a bit but hope for a program that will finally get them to the point of practicing.

When: January 5th, January 26th, February 16th, March 9th, March 23rd,
April 13th, May 4th, May 18th, June 1st, June 15th, June 22nd, July 13th, July 20th, August 3rd,
August 17th, September 7th, September 21st, October 12th, November 2nd, November 16th

Where: Students will receive email a week prior announcing location

Price: $2,330 for the series. $2,230 if paid in full by October 1st.
$2,280 if paid in full by January 5th

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class   class
"Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom has been one of the best investments I have ever made and I would highly recommend it. I had very little knowledge of herbs and plants going into the program. After searching many options that included correspondence classes, I knew that Lise’s offering was for me. Lise’s style is alive and hands on. She brilliantly brings together her years of clinical experience, information from clinical studies, herbal history, contact with plants in the environment, and hands on medicine making. In addition, the clinical hours offered through the apprenticeship was invaluable. Lise is able to take complex information and present it in a manner that can be easily applied. She challenges her students to think deeply and make connections with the plants in their environment. By the end of the program, I had 60+ tinctures plus salves and had more than enough herbal inventory to get my practice going. It brings me joy to be able to share this knowledge and wisdom with confidence to family, friends, clients, and beyond. Life changing."

 - Sonia Casey, 2015-2016, Herbalist & Wellness Coach
"Lise Wolff's Three Seasons class is an invaluable and highly accessible course for anyone interested in herbalism and greater health through whole plant medicine. Francis Bonaldo referred to it as being worth 3 years of any other program rolled into one and he was absolutely right! Throughout the year, Lise provided deep and detailed information on over 40 of the most well-known and useful western medicinal plants. She held nothing back and freely shared the information she has gathered over her 25+ years of experience. As a group, we learned to harvest each plant in their optimal season, creating an entire medicinal kit of tinctures from fresh materials. Additionally, Lise encouraged us to start working with clients-whether family, friends, or acquaintances-immediately and provided us with both the information and skills that helped us to feel safe and confident in our own practice. Lise's Three Seasons class jump-started my career as an herbalist. Much of the success I have experienced in working with clients is due to the solid foundation and great mentorship I received during her class. "

 - Clare Gardner Nieto, Herbalist